Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday stuff

My legs really hurt today. I am so unfit, it is completely ridiculous. I don't understand why I suck so badly when it comes down to running. I would have though that if I can walk for long periods of time, I would be able to run as well, but no, I am half dying after every minute of running. Hopefully I will be able to train myself up eventually. My goal is to be able to run 10 km in under an hour at the moment. It will take a fair share of training though because as it is I am completely useless.

Had the midterm exam for the database course today and kind of fucked up. Had only 12 out of 18 in the end. Was kind of hoping that there will be two chances at it, so I just jumped the gun with the first attempt and obviously there was just one attempt. Should have probably though that it will be like that. It was a damn exam after all. I don't think that you normally get multiple attempts at passing an exam. So that was stupid. I just hope that I haven't fucked up my chances to get a certificate with distinction in the very end. I would like to be able to put that on my CV and in my linkedin. Maybe I would be able to get something reasonable that I would be able to do from home in Latvia in the evenings or something. Hope dies last. I know that I should probably do some web design course as well and carry on with the programming lessons. After all, that would give me a shot at a work that I would be able to do to help me take care of myself without actually having to come in.

I guess that I will be going off from work a tad earlier today though. There is not much to do and I will be getting a lift to the station, which is really nice.

See you again soon enough and I promise a longer entry then.

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  1. i know how you feel about running; i'm so bad at it! i really dont get how it's possible to walk loads/fast but not be able to run?! i hope you're exam result is better than you think it will be :) xo.