Monday, 18 February 2013

Love has returned

Andy is home. Finally the part of me that was missing for the last week is back with me. I slept so ridiculously well tonight. Even though it was just for some five hours, I woke up really rested and happy. No matter that it was Monday and I had to crawl out of home to go to work. I know that in the evening I will return home and he will be there. That is all that really matters. I think that I really can't be alone anymore. And that does make me think that maybe trying to enter the music academy isn't going to be the best idea of my life, because that will mean that I will be seeing him so much less. But there are no guarantees that I will be accepted, so I think that I am jumping a bit in front of myself there. So I will try and stop doing that.

So on Saturday night our friends came to visit me while Andy was away. At least I didn't feel all that lonely for that evening. It was a very nice thing of them to visit. I made some vegan food for them. Tried out the vegan schnitzel that I found in the health food shop. It was really good. Tasted a lot like meat that I hadn't expected at all. So I am probably going to introduce it in the normal food routine on quite a regular basis. at least when I get a desperate craving for a stake.

Found some more vegan stuff in the shop, so I will be probably expanding on the available recipes that I have. That is a really nice feeling.

However, today is my under 500 kcal day again. I haven't had anything at all so far and I know that I will get to have some snacks only around 11pm. it is not really great to have anything that late in the night, but I know that we will have the Graze box delivered with some snacks, and I don't think that I can avoid having half of it together with Andy. That will pretty much cover some 300 kcal right there, so I don't really have an option to have anything else. Which is a bit of a bummer, because I would kill for something right now. Something that is not water at least. Or not cold water. I actually want to have a cup of tea quite a lot, but then I would have to participate in the tea rounds with the others. I don't want to do that. All I want are some two cups of tea during the day, which I never have now. I just really don't want to make drinks for everyone especially because they have drinks like every hour or so. And if you make a drink just for yourself, you are severely frowned upon. I guess that I am not a team player. I would strongly prefer that the drinks would be made by individuals or at least that making myself a cup, wouldn't be considered a breach of etiquette.

Anyway. It is just half an hour left until I can sod off from here, so whatever really. It is not like I will die from the lack of tea suddenly.

I am going off to the repetition afterwards. Have been looking forward to it very much. I think that I can start practicing singing again from tomorrow at home. The cough is almost completely gone now, so that is pretty good. Took it long enough already. I really should already know the text though. Shame on me for not really managing my time better. Should have studied yesterday, but felt really tired, so I didn't. Basically sat on internet all day long and did nothing worthwhile at all. And that is such a stupid thing to do when I am pressed on time on several things. I really should reconsider how I do things. Maybe draft a basic daily plan for stuff. Maybe that would resolve my miserable time management skills and break my procrastinating vibe. At least I wish. I really don't get it how people manage to do things in a timely fashion not as a last second thing.

Oh, even though I have gained in comparison to yesterday, when I hit 68.8 kg, I feel really slim today. Did some measurements and it appears that I have lost 4 cm from my waist and 5 from hips. That is pretty awesome if you ask me. Especially the hips. I really want to have slimmer thighs, so that they would not rub together when I am walking. That is a very frustrating feeling and really uncomfortable in warm weather. And now the summer is approaching and I really want to look good. Don't want to feel ashamed when looking at a picture of me in a swimsuit or to try specifically coming up with a position where I look the least fat.

So that is all for today really.

See you all tomorrow.

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