Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hello, everyone :)

I know that I keep being a horrible blogger, but I am thinking that it will change in the nearest future.

Andy left and returned to UK. He is starting work tomorrow and I am super excited for him. The job sounds great, and the team too.

BUT I feel totally crappy that he needed to go. It has been less than a day and I want to feel his hands around me again. Thinking that he will be away for at least other 3 weeks is just intolerable. And this actually is very surprising to me. I have always been very good at staying away from people and being alone, but now I am just pathetic. Actually was watching girl movies, cried and guzzled down ice cream shake like an animal. Which is pathetic, however rather normal, if I look at it from a normal person's point of view. It is normal to be upset and such. But it has been the best summer of my life so far, and not having Andy in the same time zone just drives me up the wall. So yes. At the moment I am not exactly the happiest trooper out there.

Anyhow. Tonight I have to go to my job again. Actually I am quite glad that I need to do that, since that might give me some sort of chance to get my thoughts in order.

But anyhow. I am kind of planning to make a daily schedule for myself again. Start running again, since I have been really getting lazy in this area. I am a bit hyped up about that, since I am planning to go to UK as well as soon as I am done with my driving school, which means, I am hoping to leave as soon as in two months. And I am VERY excited to do so. There is a truck load to do till then though.

But yes. Very happy about everything. Kinda satisfied with everything that is going on. And I never thought that I might be this very much at ease :)

I do hope that you all are doing fine as well.
I can promise that you will hear from me very soon again. See you then and bye for now.

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